Burgh and Schoenenberger Associates Home Page Burgh and Schoenenberger Associates sells, calibrates, leases, and services instrumentation and products for the clean water and wastewater industries and performs flowdata studies. Schoenenberger Associates Certification Inc. offers a full range of clean air certification services for laminar flow hoods, biological safety cabinets, BSL3 environments, fume hoods, animal cages, and clean rooms. We certify and decontaminate ceiling units, scrubbers, glove boxes, incubators, and isolators.

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Whether custom designed or off-the-shelf, we specialize in workable, affordable customer solutions.
Our water division sells and services products from the following manufacturers.

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Aquatec, Inc. in business for more than thirty years, manufactures mixing equipment such as the SAM, a programmable submersible aerator mixer with fine bubble efficiency and oxygen control, featuring an advanced turbine impeller design for longer life and easier maintenance. The Direct Drive Mixing Equipment is used for SBR systems, biomass suspension, and anoxic mixing.
Chemtrac Systems Inc. produces simple-to-use instruments that minimize systems failures and allow operators to respond immediately to process changes. These include streaming current monitors for precise coagulant control, and particle monitors and particle counters to ensure high water quality. Other control equipment includes membrane fouling monitors and electrokinetic charge analysers. All instruments offer alarm and audit trails and reporting capabilities.
Dynasonics (Racine Federated) is a leading manufacturer of non-invasive flow measuring units using Doppler transit Time technology. Different models can accurately measure pipe flow of all fluids from crude oil through potable water, feature clamp-on design, and can be used to verify existing permanently installed flowmeters. Optical interface and software provide complete system control, and feature user-configurable rate and totalizer units. Some models can be also used for insertion magnetic applications. Rugged design assures low cost of ownership, and multiple-pipe flowmeters are available as a cost saving alternative.
ISCO (Teledyne) has been the quality leader in water sampling and flow measurement equipment for more than thirty years, generating reliable instruments with reproducible data results. A full line of samplers include compact portables as well as stainless-steel or fiberglass clad lab models suitable for either sequential or composite sampling, as well as refrigerated models, including the Avalanche which requires no ice. Other equipment includes ADFM products, Flowlink, rain gauges, flow meters, loggers, flow transmitters, and pump station flow monitors.
LMI (Liquid Medtronics Inc., Milton Roy) offers an extensive line of metering pumps and controllers, from low-cost potable water applications to sophisticated custom designs. Applications include boiler, industrial and municipal clean and waste water, pools, flouridation, fertilizer injection, and paper chemical feed. NEMA 4x designs are durable and feature a unique modular manifold concept for flexibility.
Plasti-Fab Inc. is a quality manufacturer of corrosion-resistant reinforced copolymer equipment. Products include flow measurement flumes such as Parshall, Palmer-Bowlus, H-flumes, Cutthroat, and Trapezoidal, all built to ensure highest measurement accuracy. Other products include packaged metering manholes, pipe hangers, and weather-proof shelters. A line of wastewater treatment products includes troughs, launders, weirs, baffles, stop plates, and slide gates.

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